Rose Kirkup

Period Drama


Directing, Writing

Rose is excited to develop a work that celebrates everything bogan while talking about our menstrual cycles.

“For me the demo derby is the greatest metaphor for being a woman in our health system. Trying to access care in the reproductive department is like your demo car. Your body is a shell, everything guttered out, all your glass gone, badges ripped off and told you’re not worth a new Rego. You’re on a dirty track with a bunch of other shells when the light turns green you bash into each other…. Whoever is the last car running gets their hysterectomy”
– Rose Kirkup


Rose, proud of her Hutt roots hopes by bringing other bogan artists and experts in Te ao Māori together they will create a transformational space that looks at our cycles in relation to how our world is shifting. Leaning into challenging kōrero about how we better care, support and decolonize our communities regaining sovereignty over our bodies and mauri.

Rose recently had a hysterectomy and identifies as a Trans MAD artist with PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder). During the struggle to get the operation Rose found solace in the Wellington Speedway, a place where you can scream, eat hot chips, see cars crash, and witness some of the most stunning sunsets in the area.



When Rose makes a new work they think; can my Dad see this and will it change his perception? A salt-of-the-earth kiwi bloke, Bill Kirkup was deeply confronted by his baby choosing not to have a baby.

“I want men like my Dad to have experiences where they feel safe to face hard concepts. Where their mana is enhanced so they can be empowered to better support their mothers, wifes, daughters and so on.”

Rose is excited to bring their knowledge in live art and the health system to the space of speedway over this 2-year development. We need to celebrate our cultural spaces and the speedway is one of them.

Period Drama will tap into our love of period costume, demo derby, and rock ‘n’ roll, with hopes of creating a piece where all genders, ages, sexual orientations, and abilities can be uplifted and empowered to talk more about taboo stuff like periods and hormones.

‘See you at the beginning‘  a prologue to Kirkup’s first chapter, ‘In the beginning there was Rage’. An interarts piece developed in residence at Te Matatiki Toi Ora – The Arts Centre in Ōtautahi from May- July 2022.

Bogan Gala 2022
In the Beginning, there was Rage
Friday 29 July 2022 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Pay What You Can – Pre-sales


Rose is back! And wants to say thank you for the Aroha, their friends, family and fellow artists who supported them through seeking treatment.

The metal is hot and the engine is hungry and we’re all about to see the light” – Bat Out of Hell, Meatloaf

The House of PD
Rose Kirkup – Concept
Benny’s Video / Nic Lane / Bill Kirkup / Rowan Pierce / Lucie Camp / Jacob Dombroski / Jake Brown / Marshal Rankin 


Tania Kuka / Nga Powhiri Kim Taupo / Ōrongomai Hauora Services

Aperahama Kipa /Vanessa Karakia Kore Grey / Nephtalim Antoine / Isadora Lao

Dr Latha Vasan / Dominique Maxwell 

Juanita Hepi / Cara Louise Waretini / Hannah Kelly

Zena Elliott  / Asher Newbery /

Lu McCarthy Jason Wright / Liv McGregor / Kerry Brown / Richard Larsen / Tanya Drewery / Rowan Pierce / Jared Hemopo / Lucie Camp / Nick Kyle / Chris Ulutupu / Elizabeth Pointon / WD Motors : William Dodson /

Marie Kirkup / Bill Kirkup / Jake Berry / Ritchie Berry / Lulu Berry / Claire Mepham / Henry Mepham / Charlotte Mepham / Sophia Mepham / Eydie Wilkes / Curtis Wilkes / Florence Wilkes

Rowan Pierce, Bianca Hyslop.

BATS Theatre: Carrie Thiel
Te Matatiki Toi Ora : The Arts Centre – Shelley Erskine, Hannah Wilson Black, Anna Shepherd, Philip Aldridge, Chris Archer
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