Rose Kirkup



Music Video

Covids2020 is a series of dance videos created by Rose Kirkup while in Covid-19 Lockdown at Inverlochy Art School.

Dedicated to amp in rage duo Lucie Camp and Rowan Pierce. These two incredible humans have been making live art in Aotearoa over the last decade.  Rose has been blessed to collaborate with them, creating some of the most joyous times on stage,

We work hard, think hard and party hard.

Before and after lock-in you will be the people I will always want to enter into the unknown with. Thank you for always believing in me, meet you on the D-Floor.

Choreo support – Rose Philpott / Lighting support – Illumination and Optics Lighting


Dedicated to high priestess of rage Lusi Faiva. Lusi, an incredible artist with over 20 years of experience in contemporary dance. Lusi meet Rose 3 years ago and they have been bonded since. These women were born in the same hospital in Upper Hutt. But have very different journeys, this work honours Lusi’s persistence, her patience, and her heroism. Lusi pulls the middle finger to society every day by living her fiercely independent life.

The costume in this work also honours the caregivers and support workers, who at this time are essential to many of our population Kia kaha mana wahine.

Dedicated to her boy bestie Ben Bro aka Benny’s Videos, a love letter to this genius artist. The track Class A is from Benny’s debut album Video of the Year. Rose and Benny have been soul mates for 10 years. They meet in the Hutt when they were 16 over a love of The Mars Volta. They are a guiding light in each other’s artistic and life endeavours.

I dance for you my love.

Forever & Alway my King of Rage.


Your Queen

Choreo support- Xin Ji

Covids2020 – Dirty Deeds

Is dedicated to Rose’s Father William John Kirkup, Bill is a pou to Rose. This work acknowledges the love and mahi her Dad gives to the family. As well as in the community of Upper Hutt always teaching us to be Hutt proud. The social work Bill does is not an essential service at this time, an immense worry to Dad. I know he prays his work will not unravel. A tough pause for those of us used to caring for others, but a needed rest before the re-birth.

God Bless, Rage on, Bogan for life