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I work with artists, and communities to breathe life into black boxes. Together we craft characters and build worlds for them to inhabit, to then share with audiences.

Rose Kirkup

how do we make sure everybody can see themselves represented in the stories we’re sharing on stage and the screen

Rose Kirkup

Artistic Director


where i’m from

I grew up 40 minutes outside of Wellington in the Akatarawa Valley, Upper Hutt. In the house my mum grew up in. I’m the youngest of five. My family comes from
humble beginnings, with my mother being a teacher, and my dad jumping between sales and social work.
My parents have always acted as pillars
within the community, meaning our home was always
a second home for many. I was lucky enough
to grow up next door to my grandparents, and when they passed was encouraged into aged care where my family continued to grow as I gained more kaumātua. When I wanted to go to design school, it was my siblings who helped advocate for the value of arts that my grandma had helped instil in me.